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Dec 4th, 2021
rintnetworkv2.com Waiting

1.25% - 2% daily for 20 Days (Principal Return)

Dec 3rd, 2021
gaincashad.com Waiting

Just Buy Package Only One Time and Earn for Life Time. 1$ to 2$ Daily.

Dec 2nd, 2021
ceox-tech.com Waiting

10% - 11% - 13% - 25% Daily forever 200% - 300% - 500% - 1000% After 3 day

agroinvest.one Waiting

0.15-0.20% в день на 45 дней

topxtrade.com Waiting

27% for 4 days including deposit,
40% for 3 days including deposit,
65% for two days

Dec 1st, 2021
cryptodayos.com Waiting

120% after 1 Day ; 300% after 5 Days ; 1000% after 7 Days

hezfund.com Waiting

1.1% daily for 100 days

Nov 30th, 2021
bitfinzo.com Waiting

3% Daily for 25 Days, 3.5% Daily for 30 Days, 4% Daily for 40 Days (Principal available after 1 days with 15% fee)

Nov 29th, 2021
cryptoaxian.com Waiting

3%-10% Daily for 90 days, principal included

btc-daily.com Waiting


gdsclub.biz Waiting

Our plan: manual

dibasco.com Waiting

11% hourly forever, 27% hourly for 10 hours, 1200%

axbot.io Waiting

3% daily for 30 Days, 4% daily for 40 Days, 5% daily for 50 Days (deposit release available with 15% fee after 1 Day)

finabit.io Waiting

1% - 2% daily forever

Nov 28th, 2021
moonminers.net Paying

1.9%-2.8% for 90 days

Nov 27th, 2021
kassoft.io Waiting

0.1% - 2.2% daily for Lifetime (Principal Back at any time)

Nov 26th, 2021
citybuildtrade.com Waiting

Investment Plans: 100.2% after 7 days; 102.00% after 30 days,110.00% after 120 days;135.00% after 240 days;200% after 480 days; 450 % after 960 days

Nov 25th, 2021
bullcorp.org Waiting

Investment Plans: 8% daily forever - 10% daily forever - 350% after 10 days

Nov 20th, 2021
onexx.biz Waiting

0.8% hourly for 250 Hours, 1% hourly for 200 Hours, 1.25% hourly for 160 Hours, 1.6% hourly for 125 Hours (200% ROI)

royalbtchub.com Waiting

6% daily for 30 days, 8% daily for 20 days, 10% daily for 10 days principle back , 300% after 7 days

p2pbusiness.io Waiting

0.8% - 1.5% daily until 200% - 300% ROI

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Qiwi OKPay Skrill PayPal
BANKWIRE Litecoin HD-Money nixpay
EThereumClassic Nem WebMoney ASMoney
ethereum dash Pecunix epay
ethereum ethereum ethereum ethereum

Diamond Listing

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Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $350.00
Payout Ratio: 43% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 10 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 89 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 89 days
Ref: 5% - 2% - 1%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinLitecoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Payouts: 1.5% daily for 20 Business Days, 2% daily for 35 Business Days, 2.5% daily for 55 Business Days (Principal Return)

ZetBull Limited - Home Page. Running 591 days. ZetBull Limited. ZetBull Features . Language. Back Language. eng. English. Started May 16, 2019. Deposits. $. 541.06m. withdrawals. $. 228.02m. total clients. 48068. last deposit. $. 10.00. last withdrawal. $. 0.75. visitors online. 1047. about. Private investment company Incorporated in the UK Company Number: Office address: 1 Hardman Square, Manchester, England, M3 3EB. Worldwide ACTIVITIES. Professional TEAM. Reliable INVESTMENT PLANS. Live SUPPORT. Wide TRADING EXPERIENCE. Fast WITHDRAWALS. Strong DDOS PROTECTION. Strong EV SSL ENCRYPTION.

Last Payout: No Payouts
Our Investment: $0.00
Payout Ratio: 0% in profit
User's Rating: 0.0 / 0 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 8 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 8 days
Ref: 1%
PerfectMoneyBitcoin Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Investment Plans: 100.2% after 7 days; 102.00% after 30 days,110.00% after 120 days;135.00% after 240 days;200% after 480 days; 450 % after 960 days

CityBuildTrade.com Program Description CityBuildTrade is a renowned leader in construction industry. Our unmatched experience has brought us to the largest projects we have ever had. CBT portfolio includes dozens of accomplished projects, few collaborations and nine international constructions. Today everyone has a chance to build its capital by investing in our business. Together we can build a new future.

Gold Listing

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Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 467% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 288 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 479 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 479 days
Ref: 5%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoin Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Our plan: 200% DURATION: AFTER 5 HOURS,600%DURATION: AFTER 1 DAY

Welcome To DEPOSITCOIN Depositcoin Limited is a quite experienced and legally registered company in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments.Depositcoin.net is involved in trading on market Forex and offers high-quality trust management service. When it comes to the world of trading, Forex trading is the reigning king. With over 5 trillion dollars moving in and out of the Forex market every single day, there is plenty of money to be made exchanging currencies. Our success is achieved through accurate calculation, prediction and the ability to choose the right strategy. Our analysts are monitoring the situations that can affect the decrease or increase in exchange rates closely. In addition, success is achieved through adoption of innovative solutions in the Forex market. A distinguished reputation, innovative approach and profitable investing conditions are our main advantages, and this is why more and more people are choosing us. We know that we are providing the most attractive terms for our investors, and are confident that you feel the same. We believe in creating long-term relationships, and hope that we can be your reliable partner.

Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 285% in profit
User's Rating: 9.9 / 252 votes
Min: $$30 Lifetime: 483 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 483 days
Ref: 10%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoin Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Our plan: Fixed Hourly Plans

BTC INSTANT Ltd is founded by a professional group of Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency) & Forex traders as well as elite venture capital investors. Our company is dedicated to provide you with profitable and secure solutions for members to build financial success. Our investment plans and products combined with our outstanding security features and reputation for stability ensure you have the best options available to trading in the Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency) & Forex industry. Our company employees have years of experience of business analyzing and financial planning. They try their best to control all the investment risks and primarily fund only those segments and the stages of the business. Our strategy allows to work with small and huge amounts of private investors, and effectively consolidate the funds under our management. Therefore, other than the presence of the verified and tested strategy of trading in the Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency) market and Forex market, we also have access to unique mechanisms of finance management.

Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 246% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 210 votes
Min: $$40 Lifetime: 385 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 385 days
Ref: 3% —10% —20%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinLitecoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Our Plan: Manual

COIN 4 DEPOSIT LIMITED Your Reliable Cryptocurrency Management Partner Coin4deposit Ltd is a cryptocurrency trading service company founded by veteran traders who have been working in stock market for more than 10 years, are committed to researching multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies, continuously integrating and distributing funds to multiple markets. At the same time, we have a professional team to analyze to formulate different plans with set multiple different thresholds at the same time. Once our system monitoring reaches a certain threshold, it will automatically start our company’s unique AI robot for high-frequency seamless operation, seizing the opportunity to profit and avoid risks in the shortest time. So even if you don't understand the market, it doesn't matter. Join us, you will have a strong team to seize opportunities faster, and get the first pot of gold earlier than others, and at the same time increase your funds in value. We seek to grow and safeguard the investments of all our clients in a manner that maximizes profitability and trust.

Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 38% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 242 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 428 days
Withdraw: Manual Monitored: 428 days
Ref: 5%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinLitecoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Payouts: 10% Daily For 100 Days 250% After 3 Days

Our aim is to build well-positioned, well-run, cash-generative, and sustainable investment venture that become significant employers and sources of growth to our investors finances. We take significant equity positions in Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Services and Technology Solutions businesses and provide support to help our investors become strong and successful. We work collaboratively and identify opportunities for our investors where we can maximize returns without excessive risk. Making an investment is the best way to secure the future and beat inflation. However, to remain in profit from your investment at all time, our investors require our professional investment team services to manage funds and advise on investment areas. We are committed to using our position to steer our investors and partner companies towards the right business decisions.

Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Nov 28th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 23% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 116 votes
Min: $$45 Lifetime: 223 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 223 days
Ref: 10%
PerfectMoneyBitcoinLitecoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Our Plan: Manual

DEPOSIT COIN LIMITED DEPOSIT COIN LIMITED is one of the deep rooted firm owning experience of 6+ over the interim of cryptocurrency trading. Funds invested in our company are used both to trade on the cryptocurrency trading & arbitrage markets and to participate in the other financial activities DeFI and NFT..

Trial Listing

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Last Payout: No Payouts
Our Investment: $0.00
Payout Ratio: 0% in profit
User's Rating: 0.0 / 0 votes
Min: $$30 Lifetime: 303 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 303 days
Ref: 3 Levels: 7% - 2%-1%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Payouts: 3.6% Daily Forever
Withdrawal: Instant

BitXeon LTD. Welcome to BITXEON . Live Statistic . Get Started . SignUp & Log in to your account. Make investment and earning. Withdraw fund on balance. PROFIT RELIABILITY. SAFE & SECURITY. SSL Certificate. REGISTERED COMPANY. Instant Withdraw. SERVER TIME 04 Feb 2021, 09:07:35 AM. $37471.65. $148.02. $1632.69. $430.980. $0.049. BEP just in 27 days. Fixed 3.6% daily return on your deposits,forever. Start from $30. Daily Earning. Instant Withdraw. INVESTMENT PLANS. 3.6. %. DAILY FOR. LIFETIME. Min Deposit: $30. Max Deposit: $50000. Profit: Daily. CALCULATE PROFIT. DAILY. $0.00. WEEKLY. $0.00. MONTHLY. $0.00. YEARLY. $0.00. About Company. BITXEON is a registered online investment company,handled by professional & experienced trading team. Just need to create an accoun,access your. account and invest any amount more than $30 using BTC,LTC,ETH,DOGE,BCH. & Perfect Money. Join us now with only $30 Minimum &. enjoy your daily Return 3.6% forever, Brake Even Point just in 27-28. Days. Bit Xeon LTD. Company Number #13088315. Why US. New Operating Technology. High & Strong DDOS Protection 24/7. SSL establishing a secure connection. BitXeon is officially registered legal. All withdraw is automatic and instant. RUNING DAYS. 0. TOTAL ACCOUNT. 215. TOTAL DEPOSITS. $25193.82. TOTAL WITHDRAW. $727.05. TOP INVESTORS. RoyalInvestTeam. $2030.00. fifa. $2000.00. hyipfinance. $1000.00. javedeyaz. $969.00. DealHyip. $800.00. hc4mbitxeon. $800.00. Fresh. $505.05. InstantMonitorCom. $501.00. cryptomusclesmashedtiwidickhunter. $500.00. RichMonkeyBiz. $500.00. TOP REFERRALS. LAST DEPOSITS. madddy. Feb-4-2021 12:06:43 PM. $42.00. DyeongViews. Feb-4-2021 12:04:03 PM. $150.00. MANS. Feb-4-2021 12:01:22 PM. $50.00. Zmey0403. Feb-4-2021 12:01:08 PM. $30.00. gddragon1993. Feb-4-2021 11:57:39 AM. $100.00. Maxidvd. Feb-4-2021 11:57:06 AM. $49.00. Earningpoint. Feb-4-2021 11:53:50 AM. $90.00. Lara2016. Feb-4-2021 11:53:31 AM. $30.00. LAST WITHDRAWAL. RoyalInvestTeam. Feb-4-2021 11:05:55 AM. $107.00. hyipfinance. Feb-4-2021 10:31:33 AM. $142.24. RoyalInvestTeam. Feb-4-2021 10:20:09 AM. $35.60. hyipfinance. Feb-4-2021 09:55:43 AM. $14.00. hyipfinance. Feb-4-2021 09:40:52 AM. $3.50. Infinity. Feb-4-2021 09:40:50 AM. $10.51. Bidhan. Feb-4-2021 09:39:44 AM. $8.00. hc4mbitxeon. Feb-4-2021 09:36:28 AM. $88.86. Affiliate Program. Earn extra money with our affiliate program. 7 %. 1ST LEVEL. 2 %. 2ND LEVEL. 1 %. 3RD LEVEL. Earning Without Investment. Just simple 3 steps to join & enjo Bitxeon,Join today and start. earning 3.6% Daily. 1. Create Account & login using your username and password. 2. Start deposit with with any of accepted methods and get profit in every 24 hours. 3. Withdraw your fund to your personal wallet and wait for next profit of plan.

Last Payout: No Payouts
Our Investment: $0.00
Payout Ratio: 0% in profit
User's Rating: 0.0 / 0 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 303 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 303 days
Ref: Two Levels: 8% - 2%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinEthereum Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan Payouts: 7% - 10% daily Forever
Withdrawal: Instant

When it comes to reliable, powerful, innovative batteries and accumulators for companies and private users, there is no better choice than advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions from the company Power Earn Limited. We strive to the deliver outstanding service, innovative products and customizable, robust and reliable solutions that meet the demands of today's energy provision and to prepare for tomorrows challenges. Power Earn is uniquely positioned to benefit long-term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids and the increasing demand for reliable renewable energy sources that will grow over the coming years.Invest directly to gain from the sale of high quality smart batteries that are suitable as a power source for all kinds of portable and mobile device in demanding markets.The charger electronics will work as a power manager. If an external power supply is attached to the device, the manager will charge the energy and supply power to the device.Leverage our expertise so you can focus on your businessPower Earn develops and produces high-tech energy systems, which are installed worldwide in the most diverse products of well-known brands. As a leader in innovation, the latest technologies and production processes are always integrated into the processes in order to continuously increase the performance of the batteries. The company has extensive experience in the energy industry and offers a unique one-stop-shop offering that covers all components of the value chain from a energy to after-sales.We offer embeddable solutions to charge standard energy packs in mobile or stationary applications. These PCB-based power management modules represents the ideal solution for each electronic developer, saving time and money.Our development department employs a staff of highly qualified engineers who design energy systems that exactly meet the requirements until they are ready for series production. We have expertise in complex fields of application such as medical and robotics. This provides us with the know-how and demanding requirements that these markets need. This process indicates that we are the partner that you are looking for, who is able to develop customized energy packs for your devices.The experience collected over the years enables us to maintain all the design and development steps of every new product. We develop electronics for batteries, chargers and power supplies as well as connectors, housings and algorithms.Customers look toward Power Earn once they realize no other manufacturer is able to meet their requirements. The combination of high-performance cells, a energy management system with safety features and communication interface as well as individual housing and connector design will also convince you.

Last Payout: May 24th, 2021
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 47% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 333 votes
Min: $$10 Lifetime: 660 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 660 days
Ref: 5%
PerfectMoneyBitcoin Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan 1.15%-1.5% HOURLY,4%-6% HOURLY For 60 Hours,15%-20% HOURLY

HOUR RICH LTD is an innovative and practical cryptocurrency investment platform online, which welcomes all members worldwide. We act solely as a facilitator between you and the Enterprise. We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of our business by delivering high-quality investment services. Moreover, we respect our customers, cherish their confidence and help to achieve excellent results.

Pay List

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Last Payout: No Payouts
Our Investment: $0.00
Payout Ratio: 0% in profit
User's Rating: 0.0 / 0 votes
Min: $$50 Lifetime: 257 days
Withdraw: Instant Monitored: 257 days
Ref: 5%
PerfectMoneyPayeerBitcoinLitecoin Support E-Mail SSL DDOS
Investment Plan 10% - 33.4% weekly for 12 weeks

Invest for Future in Stable Platform and Make Fast Money Invest in an Industry Leader, Professional, and Reliable Company. We provide you with the most necessary features that will make your experience better. Not only we guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.

Last Payouts
Nov 30th, 2021 Nov 28th, 2021
zetbull.com $150.00